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I love it all. I am learning so much as feeling so much better not only physically but mentally too. The individual calls are great because they keep me accountable and I like the one on one communication. I also like the group call. It is interesting to hear other people's issues, successes, questions and nice to get to know each other. Love the FB group. The pictures and comments are great. I have been doing this for four weeks and feel great! Down 13 pounds and many inches. Please check it out. Kelly is awesome and her program works!


I've always been a pretty clean eater but this program has introduced a different dynamic to my eating. I'm more present and enjoying the new information. it's also not a chore as I feel that I'm not doing it alone. I've always been the outcast eater so it's great to be in a group and have Kelly leading it. I love the daily encouragement that she offers. I like the Zoom calls, it's good way to interact with the group and Kelly. All an all it's about the information and applying to your life as a life style change and not a diet. It's a forever change. Stress is a big issue for me so the stress relieving suggestions are something I've NEVER been told to do. It has never been okay to just walk, get a massage or just sit alone and relax!!!! I guess I needed Kelly to tell me it's okay to do for me!


I like how accessible everything has been and I love the one on one time I have with Kelly. It keeps me accountable. You get so much support and knowledge!


I'm so impressed by the detail you have taken to tend to every need of your members. I've been on so many diets and have never had this much support and personal attention. I feel like I will finally succeed to my goal weight on this program. I feel like this program is the answer to my prayers. I felt like I was losing ground physically and mentally. I feel like this is my chance to make it.


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